Algae Active Fluid

An active concentrate to moisturize and revitalize dull, dehydrated skin, leaving skin looking thoroughly hydrated, rosy and fresh. Its phytoplankton extracts of brown, green, and blue-green algae are intensely moisturizing. It combats aging process and helps with mild congestion.

New Skin Fluid

An active concentrate to smooth the surface of rough and flaky skin. It helps the upper layers of skin regenerate and creates an instantly smooth skin feeling, restoring suppleness to the skin and banishing unpleasant tight feelings.

Multi Active Vitamins Fluid

An active concentrate with vitamins for dry, stressed skin lacking in lipids. It strengthens and revitalizes rough, stressed skin, giving it a fresh and healthy look. It contains a vitamin complex formulated with vitamin A, provitamin B5, vitamin E encapsulated in liposomes and biotin.

Hydra Plus Active Fluid

An active concentrate to provide a moisture boost for dry or dehydrated skin. It supplies the skin with intensive moisture and instantly lends the complexion a smoother and fresher appearance. Hyaluronic acid complex and a polymer moisturizer hydrate and protect the skin against moisture loss.

Revitalizing Oxygen Fluid

An active concentrate with encapsulated oxygen for tired skin. It revitalizes the skin while protecting against environmental aggressors. It gives skin a fresh, rosy glow and helps cells maintain optimum energy levels while its light-reflecting pigments lend radiance to the skin.

Purifying Active Fluid

An active concentrate in an ampoule form to combat spots and blemishes. It visibly reduces spots and blemishes and prevents them from recurring, leaving the skin looking deeply cleansed and refined. Tea tree oil has an antibacterial effect and so reduces existing spots quickly and effectively.

Collagen Booster Fluid

An active concentrate to combat lifeless skin and the first sign of wrinkles. It gives skin a firmer and smoother appearance. Highly effective tripeptides stimulate the skin to improve firmness and elasticity while bio-saccharides and NMFs supply moisture and smooth the skin.

Triple Booster Fluid

Suitable for all skin types, an active concentrate to rejuvenate skin helps the skin to “reboot” for younger-looking skin. As a result, skin looks smoother, more even and more radiant.