Signature Body Massage

Feel your tension slowly fade with this ancient healing therapy that combines gentle stretching, long therapeutic strokes, and skin rolling to relieve muscle pain and improve blood flow.

Back Massage

A deep therapeutic massage on the back gives you a feeling of total relaxation. Massage techniques alleviate specific tension on your neck, shoulders, and back.

Scentao Massage

Ideal for those seeking serenity and peace. Gentle skin cleansing followed by a full body massage using heated stones in rhythmic flowing strokes over the body to melt tension and soothe emotions.

Serenity Massage

A complete relief from your physical stress, this gentle massage uses French modelling candle oil to ease tension in the muscles, restore mobility, and reduce body aches, leaving you cleansed and restored.

Caffeine Massage – slimming and reduce cellulite

A highly effective, stimulating massage using caffeine active ingredients and “skin rolling and kneading” method to target cellulite and stubborn fat.

Tens Flash Massage – firming

An advanced body massage using tens flash serum. Active ingredients of chicory will improve skin tonicity and firmness and enhance cellular regeneration, leaving your skin supple, smooth, and firm.

Chrono Detox Massage

Lymphatic draining massage using chrono detox serum will help improve circulation, speeding up the elimination of toxins and excess fluid. An ideal treatment to help cleanse the body and improve skin appearance.

Hydra Relaxing with a Bamboo

A sensory journey based on the discovery of different massage techniques carried out with a bamboo to immerse yourself in instant relaxation and release stress from the very first minute of the treatment.

Detox and Energizing Massage

You will be massaged using a combination of grape seed and sunflower seed oil to help improve circulation, speeding up the elimination of toxins and excess fluid.

Includes: body exfoliation- body massage with detoxifying oil.