Body Ritual

Relaxing Body Ritual

Starting with body exfoliation to eliminate the dead skin, this ritual offers a relaxation massage using smooth, gliding strokes to help you relax. A white clay wrap will make your skin brighter and smoother.

Includes: body exfoliation – body massage with soothing oil – head massage- white clay wrap

Vitamin ACE Body Ritual

This treatment combines a body exfoliation and massage using cream rich in vitamin A, C, and E. You will be wrapped in vitamin cocktail to help strengthen the skin natural defenses and protect it against environmental pollutants.

Includes: body exfoliation – cream mask- full body massage – head massage

Whitening Body Ritual

An intensive brightening treatment that will revitalize and lighten your complexion. After your body exfoliation and massage, a milk wrap is applied to give your skin a luminous and radiant effect.

Includes: body exfoliation – body massage- head massage- milk wrap

Detox Algae Body Ritual

Tapping the power of the ocean, this treatment stimulates the skin's microcirculation. With blue-green algae, plants rich in amino acids, minerals, trace elements, and vitamins, BABOR detox algae treatment has a highly stimulating effect on the skin and the metabolism of the skin tissue. The algae wrap tightens and tones the skin, eliminates toxins, and firms body contours.

Cleopatra Body Ritual

You will begin your journey with body exfoliation and head to toe massage. Then you will be wrapped in a regenerating milk pack. This wrap contains hydrating and revitalizing milk extracts which are deeply absorbed into the skin, leaving you with a beautifully-conditioned skin like the ancient queen, Cleopatra!

Includes: body exfoliation – body massage – head massage- regenerating milk wrap

Paraffin Body Ritual

An indulgent body treatment to a softer and more youthful skin. After a deep cleansing full body scrub and full body massage, our expert therapist will pour warm wax over the body. This wax will increase the blood flow, taking dead skin cells away. A very beneficial treatment for dry cracked skin that helps restore your body’s natural oil.

Collagen Body Ritual

Improve your skin tonicity and firmness with this treatment! Starting with full body scrub, a full body massage with collagen cream will bring deep relaxation to your body and spirit. A collagen modelling wrap is applied to combat the signs of aging, stimulate collagen production, and deliver intensive results. The benefit can be seen immediately.

Includes: body exfoliation – body massage with collagen cream – head massage- collagen modelling wrap

Slimming and Firming Ritual

An intensive treatment that refines problem areas while reducing cellulite. A body-firming wrap is applied, which combines active ingredients that work several ways to energize the metabolism and helps break down fatty deposits, leaving skin taunt and toned. Your body will have a new silhouette.

Includes: body exfoliation –body massage with body shaping oil- body firming wrap- body shaping cream

Bust treatment

The treatment starts with a mild peel, application of collagen booster serum, and a firming massage to the bust area, which will tone and lift the bust and leave the skin feeling refreshed and alive. It ends with a firming mask to give a long-lasting effect.